Interested in SharePoint 2010?

I have had the privilege (and retain many scars!) of having worked with SharePoint since it’s first launch in 2001 and have seen successive updates to the platform over the years, as well as witness the growing adoption by businesses as one of the key ‘building blocks’ of technology being implemented to deliver both strategic and operational IT goals.

As the following blog posts depict (post 1 and post 1)  this has been in my view mostly ‘evolution’ through the years in terms of product platform functionality and architecture.

It has furthermore seen massive interest and investment year-on-year, not least with the latest planned release of the product called SharePoint 2010. More details on this here of the planned updates: SharePoint Sneak Peak

What has surprised me to some extent, is the level of interest and availability of courses, events and other such materials on ‘how to install’, ‘key design decisions to consider’, etc. And this is even before the product has been release in beta to general public! This certainly was not available for the previous versions to any great depth.

This is a good sign of a healthy supporting community and of Microsoft, whom are providing much more in the way of information and up front guidance on their future roadmap considerations for this and its other technologies.

Lets hope the momentum continues for when it does launch next year. Such a vibrant community and help from Microsoft, helps us all ‘come up to speed’ with the new technology and allows us to be better prepared for the challenges it will no doubt provide. This benefits everyone as it also allows Microsoft partners, like WorkShares, to provide timely advice and guidance around strategic decision making companies are having to make for the future investments in 2010 and beyond.

By Andrew Walmsley

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