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Microsoft BPOS – Business Productivity Online Standard – First Thoughts.

Background We were experiencing some issues with our hosted email provider through 2008 and were looking to move away from them at some point this year. Together with our own business strategy of providing hosted solutions we were keen to continue ‘consuming our own food’ so to speak. Hence we were on the look out [...]


Hosted SharePoint Case Studies Released

WorkShares has gained a lot of experience of working with many well known organisations across the UK, from small businesses, start-ups, to larger enterprises; all of whom have had a common need to provide collaborative solutions for their staff, suppliers or clients alike. We have provided a few case study samples of our work below [...]


Saas and Microsoft

I have been running a simple survey on the home page of the WorkShares web site ( for the last couple of months, really to gauge feedback on the terminology of ‘Software as a Service’ or SaaS. The results, though relatively few in number, have been to some extent what I expected in that there [...]