SharePoint Best Practices or Bad Practices?!

I like Adam Bruenz post here which is entitled ’When-Best-Practices-Aren’t-Best-Practices’, which provides a interesting and thought provoking view, and is a topic that is increasingly prevalent on many blogs in the SharePoint community – SharePoint Best Practices.

In short, you should not implement ‘Best Practice’ methods even if they have the mighty Microsoft name to them, until you have weighed up the pro’s and con’s of it.

Just because so called leading bloggers say you should do it a certain way means you have to, you don’t. But you should understand why they say they are the best way to do a certain task or take a particular approach.

Remember, they may not have worked in your industry or you may not have the same level of resource or skills levels needed to support such approaches or importantly they might not have experienced your type of organisational ‘cultural challenges’ when defining the best practices.

In SharePoint world, its rarely as straight forward as it seems. So do your homework first!


Andrew Walmsley

Practice Manager/Director


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