WSS Version 3 Evaluation Guide

The WSS Evaluation Guide was released by Microsoft in January 2007. A useful document for newbie’s and certainly worth you grabbing a coffee/quiet place to review its contents. It’s been chopped and changed during the Beta releases last year and is a well put together document and essential read in my view. The document is here: WSS V3 Guide

In addition, I still think this document (entitled “Organizational and Cultural Issues to Consider When Deploying Your New Windows SharePoint Services Solution”) written way back in July 2005 is as useful today as it was back then and should be read in conjunction with this latest evaluation guide from Microsoft. The key principles it discusses still ring true with WSSV3, as they did with WSSV2. This document can be found here: Organisational and Cultural Issues

How any potential solution (irrespective of whether its WSS V2, WSSV3 or anything else for that matter) is accepted culturally within your organisation not forgetting how it was originally conceived, designed, planned and ultimately measured for success, are critical elements that need to be considered for your new WSS V3 based solution.


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