SharePoint intranet and extranet consulting, project management, development & support.

WorkShares focus is in helping organisations design, develop, test, deploy, govern, adopt and manage intranets, extranets and related web sites using Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, Exchange and Office 365 in general.

So far we were entrusted with management of some of the largest Office 365 platforms (ie. 550.000+ internal staff members on a single Office 365 tenant) and consequently deployed some of the largest SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer and MS Teams solutions. 

As Programme Directors, Service Leads and Lead Architects, we collaborate with your internal IT/IS teams and other external teams (i.e. offshore partners, other 3rd party solution providers, etc.), providing guidance and coaching throughout a intiative's lifecycle on an on-going basis (ie. rebuilding a service line, delivering a portfolio of programmes/projects). We are the “consultant's consultant” and can provide validation and support throughout the project.

Our strength lies in our friendly, professional employees and our high standards of service and experience with the SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365 & Microsoft Teams platforms and associated technologies.

We have experience in all versions of these technologies, including those hosted by Microsoft (Office 365) or your preferred hosting provider.

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Our working methods

We have developed and refined our approach to SharePoint related projects, as the product has advanced over the years, and our clients needs have also evolved.

We envisage using elements of our best practice, our tried and tested approach and where required develop new working methods to suit your needs. Our high level method statement is shown below.

Method Statement - What we do

Each stage will map on to measureable and tangible deliverables, showing progress at each gateway. Each stage is a gateway that will be mapped into the project plan for key check points the project board will review.

With this in mind, how can we help?

Are you Migrating/Upgrading to new version of SharePoint?

Benefit from WorkShares wide exposure to SharePoint, deep understanding of the underlying changes and hands on experience with a number of real world SharePoint projects. Get WorkShares to perform analysis of your SharePoint environment and advise you on the best practices for planning and implementing your SharePoint upgrade / migration.

Are you evaluating SharePoint Online service?

Regardless of the company size Microsoft Online Services can be leveraged by your business to reduce costs and increase agility. Benefit from WorkShares deep understanding of Microsoft’s Online offerings. Get WorkShares to perform a ‘service ready’ assessment of your on premise infrastructure, SharePoint customisations and evaluate online service strategy in line with your future business goals.

Do you require assistance for initial concept and scoping?

Engage WorkShares with the technical and business stakeholders of your organisation to draft a business case, develop a conceptual design and in some cases develop a proof of concept; imparting key SharePoint architecture knowledge and lessons learned from other projects in the process.

Require an architectural review?

WorkShares works with your SharePoint team to validate existing information, infrastructure and custom component architecture or based on the business requirements create one from scratch.

Seeking an independent audit?

WorkShares works with your business and SharePoint teams to verify existing SharePoint solution’s alignment with your business requirements. We can also review the current environment configuration and where applicable, propose remedial actions to improve performance or leverage more (at no extra cost) from the investment you’ve already made in the platform.

Want assistance with troubleshooting and optimisation?

WorkShares works with your SharePoint team to identify major performance pain points and implement fixes.

Need help to design and develop a particular part of your solution or project?

At WorkShares thanks to our in-depth experience in designing and developing SharePoint solutions, we can assist you to complete, complex or time consuming parts of your project design and development. Our clients in the past have used us where they ran into trouble or were short of internal resources to resolve their development issues or meet stringent deadlines.

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