SharePoint branding and design is best left to the experts!

The branding of SharePoint as well as improving the user experience in some of the more structured and often less intuitive areas of the products features, is often at the forefront of our clients’ interests when defining the scope of a project.

The right mix of design decisions and expertise to ensure a solution remains ‘on brand’ can be crucial in achieving senior stakeholder buy in in our experience.

This balance also of where specific investments in time and money are made with design statements and in relation to the overall project need to be considered, to ensure appropriate areas are addressed and others are left ‘as is’. Some areas will need more effort and focus than others. There is for example, little point in changing something to make it ‘on brand’, if it removes key functionality and hence lose benefit to the user.

WorkShares' can bring this design expertise to the discussions or we can, as often is the case, work with an organisations existing marketing and communication team or 3rd party brand agency.

More often than not it’s the latter and where we excel is to facilitate and enable the combining of leading brand agency thinking, together with our SharePoint platform knowledge, to ensure the exciting designs our clients want are delivered.

So whether it is help with designing a replacement intranet, new extranet or other SharePoint based implementation (even just SharePoint Themes, SharePoint Page Layouts, etc.), contact us for more information about how we can help you in this area.

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